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Personal information collection, utilization, and utilization agreement

1. Collection and use of personal information
1) The personal information of visitors collected by the Korea Die & Mold Industry Cooperative (KODMIC), the organizer of this online exhibition, is collected and used for information on the next exhibition and other mold-related events.

2) In order to provide convenient and diverse services to visitors, online exhibition participants (exhibitors) can promote and market various services provided by the company through E-mail, text message, etc. to visitors visiting the company's online booth. If you do not wish to do so, you can notify the organizer to reject the service.

3) Visitors' personal information will be provided to the participating companies when the following actions occur while the visitor is logged in.
   a. When you visit the exhibitor's booth page.
   b. When you check the content (product, conference, video, photo gallery, Q&A, etc.) page of a participating company or add it to MyBooth.
   c. When you register for a participating company's conference.
   d. When you contact us through the form.
   e. When you make inquiries about participating companies to the secretariat using the "Kakao Talk Channel" and we deliver the contents to the participating companies.

2. Personal information items you collect
1) Required items: name, company name, contact information(cell phone number), email, address
2) Selected items: survey (company classification, purpose of observation, etc.)

3. Personal Information Handling Compliance Topics
Korea Die & Mold Industry Cooperative(KODMIC) collects personal information with the consent of visitors, stipulates and manages compliance with privacy regulations, confidentiality of personal information, prohibition of third-party provision, liability in case of accident, obligation to return or destroy personal information after completion.

4. The period of retention and use of personal information
After the purpose of collecting and using personal information is achieved, the information shall be destroyed without delay.

5. Rights
In principle, under the Privacy Act, you have the right to refuse the consent to collect personal information, and if you refuse to do so, please note that you cannot use some functions and restrictions on online exhibitions.

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